A New Beginning

by micah rich • January 2011 • Reading time:

I'm a little late to say it, but it's been on my mind since January: it's a new year.

Last year was crazy, for sure. A Good Company did almost exactly twice as well as it's first year, and we actually got a lot done. We grew the League even bigger, made some well-deserved updates to A Good Portfolio, re-constructed our blog, and had a lot of interesting clients. Despite my political affiliations, I have to say one I'm most proud of was that we were hired to hand-make a social network for the Republican Party of California. And on the other side of the pond, we won a major prize in a contest for what I think is a very democratic re-imagining of the IRS' website. We got to work on big and small projects - some regular, some hectic, and some that were way cooler than I expected. It's all a learning experience, and I'm grateful, but it seriously wore me out.

I'm looking forward to taking a breather the next few months; I've moved to Los Angeles semi-temporarily with my wonderful girlfriend (who's going to try to be an actress), and Caroline & I have decided to take time off to do whatever-the-&$@! we want for a while. I've grown a strange fondness for doing client work, but my heart is aching for a slower pace.

In the beginning of January, as a birthday present for my sister, I made a little web app for etsy sellers to keep track of sales & expenses. It grew unexpectedly after I launched it, and I'm hoping I have an opportunity to not only work on a project all my own, but maybe make part of a salary doing it. I'm hoping to get to work (finally) on Lettercase, which the Internet has been hounding me about for a long time now. I'd like to make some improvements to The League. I'm hoping to play around with some new ideas for A Good Portfolio - experiment with business strategies and some of the marketing & psychology techniques I've been reading about. And, while a bit disenchanted by my previous personal and thoughtless Tumblr blogs, I find myself inspired by blogs like Aza's, or Spencer's, and am looking forward to spending an evening every few weeks with a glass of wine and a keyboard - writing only few, but well thought out articles about my success & failures, experiences with design & programming, and theories of business and brainwaves. That sounds eloquent, I like that.

My hope is that all that will make enough to live on for a while, and will be exactly enough work to make me love what I'm doing. I intend to take life at my own pace. I aim to enjoy myself more, stress out way less, and work only on exactly what I want to. And just kind of see what the future brings.

It's a new beginning.

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