New York

November 2012 • Reading time:

Recently, I took a two week trip to visit NY – surprisingly, I hadn't spent much time there, despite it being so close to me. The small amount of time I had spent there left me with a bad taste. Too cramped, too grey, too busy. Not my city.

But when Caroline needed someone last minute to house & dog-sit for two weeks, I happened to be itching for adventure, and thought it might be fun. I had a blast, honestly – I went to a bunch of museums, ate fantastic food, lived in her apartment. I met up with a few old friends, met a few amazing new people, and sincerely, the whole thing was amazing. It left me this time with real attachment to the place.

The Train

I love the train. The Lakeshore Limited is what I used to take to Maine. One of my first days there, I wanted to explore, so I walked over to see Central Park & The Met. I got a day to explore with my dear old friend A. Pic, and see a few other museums, before finally taking the train back home.

The Met Victorian The Heist Classicalism An Entrance A. Pic Graffiti Caesar The Empire State Building Garbage Day Brooklyn In Ruins The End Is Near The Train Home

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